The fear of a clown.

Johnny Depp has also been linked to a fear of clowns (Coulrophobia). He has also fear of spiders.

Coulrophobia. Clowns should be funny. Yet some people are terrified of them. Emmet Kelly was one of the famous clowns of old. His outfit is in the Smithsonian. Yet Johnny Depp would cringe at seeing him.

Something in our minds decides what we fear and what we do not. Spiders I can understand. They can bite and they are creepy and crawly. But clowns?

I remember in the movie It by King the main monster is in the form of a clown. And it was terrifying. Yet we go to the circus and laugh when many clowns go out of a miniature car. We love the pie in the face, the flower on the lapel which squirts water. But there are some of us who are scared.

There is another movie called Killer Klowns from Outer Space which also depicts clowns as monsters. It is filled with gore and quite disturbing. In one sequence pies are thrown at a guard and they melt him to a pile of goo.

So where in the brain is this anti-clown pressure point. Why do some have it and most do not.

Does it depend on the makeup or is it all clowns? What about clown falls, what about cartoons.


Medieval Jesters

Facts and interesting information about Medieval Life,
specifically, Medieval Jesters

Medieval Jesters – Definition and Description
Definition and description of a jester: A Jester is a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the middle ages. Also referred to as a fool, buffoon or clown. The Medieval jesters of the Middle Ages can be compared to the circus clowns of today. The class of professional court jesters reached its culminating point of influence and recognized place and function in the social organism during the Middle Ages.

Now for a question that has invaded my mind. Where there people in the middle ages who were terrified by clowns. Any kings who fell into that category.

If Depp was a king in the middle Ages would he have had clowns banned from the land?

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