Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. Others are writing how it started and what Flag Day means but to me it is the colors. As you can read the color interpretation is up for grabs. Usually red means blood, white purity and blue loyalty or the sky above us and an indication of God.

While there are several speculations about the meaning behind the colors of the American Flag, the Continental Congress left behind no record as to why red, white and blue were chosen as the colors. The three colors are included in the Great Seal of the United States represented the ideals and beliefs of our Founding Fathers, and perhaps are an indication of their use in the American Flag.


My concept today is miscued.  Red is the color of the shape we are now in. We are in the “red”.   We need to get back to having more assets than debits. White is for the white washing we get from Congress. If they did not do anything wrong than why, pray tell is the country in such a mess? And blue is the condition of the country at present. We are in a funk state, capital stagnation and we need to jumpstart to where we should be.


This is a great country. We do more for the world and humanity than anyone else out there. If there is a tragedy America comes forth. If there is starvation America comes forward. If there is injustice America tries to right it. We cannot do this alone and yet we have. Our friends have given us only a scant amount of help. A nod and sometimes a thank you would be nice, but America would do the right thing whether it was thanked or not.

the best white I could find.


What should the red, white and blue stand for: Red for true blood, the sacrifice has been great, white, the truth in the world, the purity of what is just and blue, the azure skies under which all should be free.

This is a task that is utopian but America will do its best. No country ever in existence looked out for its fellow man. Most wanted to conquer and that is far removed from the American ideal. I am for one proud to be an American.


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