Is this rational?

Book of Answers

Book of Answers (Photo credit: Caro’s Lines)

SETI@home logo

SETI@home logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the price of making a penny? (answer two cents)

What is the price of making a nickel? (answer eleven cents)

Top question why do we still make pennies and nickels? (no answer)

In California it cost how much to house a prisoner? ($47,000 per year is the answer) This is made up for security and to pay for inmate health care.

Therefore we should do without Obama care. You get a bad disease, rob a store, get caught and go to prison for your health care. That includes dental.

What strange animal with a hump would you find in the Arizona Desert?

Answer: On April 26, 1843, Captain[1] George H. Crosman encouraged the United States Department of War to use camels for transportation.

What was suggested to be towed to the desert for water?

1949 John Issacs suggested iceberg towing. It is still an idea that people keep bounce back and forth.

We spend money to proof life is out there, true or false?

True: SETI budget is five million a year. If you do not believe this contact any martian who will tell you it is so.


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