Questions on Words.

Swedish Comfort

Swedish Comfort (Photo credit: Let Ideas Compete)

Can you get booze from a speakeasy if you yell?

Can a snake have hiss tory?

Can you buzz a buzzard?

If a plane is broken, is it an xplane and how do you explane it?

If you are from Cork, England are you corky and can you be cocky?

Are helicopters made in hell and are angel cakes made in heaven?

Are all Billy goats male and if not what are girl goats called?

Speed means “Fart” in Swedish. As a sidenote, bump is “dump” in Swedish, therefore speed bump = fart dump. Sorry for that.

Do all bakers have great buns?

Can you be grossed out by a grocer?

Do all stock men wear stockings?

Are menthol cigarettes only for men? For females femthols?

Why are war weary nations always go to war and get weary of it?

How does a person named Furst come in second?


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