confusing words

Superman's original powers (Action Comics #1, ...

Superman’s original powers (Action Comics #1, pg. 1). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you ad vice are you more guilty.

Mis judgement leaves a gap in rational thinking.

Why are pennies still around when people throw them away?

Why does one round up or down. Can one square this idea with rational thinking?

Is blood really thicker than water? What about heavy water? What about water filled with minerals?

How is Superman’s powers affected with age. Does he lose the power in his vision if he gets a cataract in his eye? Does smog affect his flight patterns? Does he get wrinkles, and will he become bald with age?

Should not Pennies change their name with inflation to Nichols or Dimes?

Girls can be named Raven or Lark or Robin, even Oriole. But what about Kookaburra or Emu?

If girls are sugar and spice how can they become so bitter and nasty if you cross them?

Why are patients in a waiting room not exhibiting patience?

Why are people named Joy depressed?

Why are commercials that annoy us considered winners? I did not like the cavemen of Geico? I thought it was silly. It did not make me buy or not buy Geico. Where are they now? Back in the caves?

If people are so smart why do they do things that are so dumb?

Do animals have dumb and smarter ones? George the elephant was smarter than his brother Marvin? One worked for peanuts and the other demanded better perks.


2 thoughts on “confusing words

  1. I can only imagine the brain fatigue that must occur when anyone spends a day with you, Barry. You leave no stone left unturned. You are the ultimate “thinker” of life’s mysteries. Now we just need someone to answer all of your questions. You leave me totally stumped. But defintely more aware. πŸ˜‰

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