The Agents of MEOW

The Cats of Meow.

A special agency that protects the cat population. Made up of four extraordinary cats that use their talents to defeat their enemy: the Rats.

Agent M: The Munchkin highly intelligent known for computer skills and intellectual ability. The head of Meow. He is a born leader.

Agent E: She is the Egyptian Mau. Small but incredibly strong. She is the muscle of the organization.

Agent O; He is the Ocicat a trickster with the paws of a pickpocket. Speaks multiple languages. He is the lover of the group but does is strictly business.

Ocicat Cat

Finally the secret cat. The one they call on the cat phone for instructions. They never see him but the voice is extremely distinguished. Agent W:

He is wild and gets things done. He gets the contracts and the agents of MEOW carry them out.

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