Cemetery Talk

The dead from the wreck of the SS Mohegan are ...

The dead from the wreck of the SS Mohegan are buried in St Keverne churchyard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Boston's Granary Burial Ground where ...

English: Boston’s Granary Burial Ground where John Adams and Paul Revere are buried. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a new concept circulate out there in the dead sphere. Since land is getting scarcer and we have to use so much of it as dead space they have come up with a new idea. We no longer need to go down six feet. We can do three and three. Husband and wife in the same plot. It is called the plotz system. Whoever dies first is buried six feet. Then one the spouse passes away they go down three feet in the same space and put in a cross beam and walla a condo of death. The cost will be less and the space will be conserved.

     The problem is if the survivor remarries. But that is another problem for another day.

     Another concept is ashes in space. There is a new industry where you are in ash form taken into space and your ashes are ceremonially scattered above earth. It is called death with a view. Some are now in a bidding war to be buried on the moon. They are calling the endeavor Moon Base Eternal. You are cremated and your ashes are taken to the moon and you are buried in the ground. A small marker stone is put in the ground with your name and dates on it and a few words. This way your surviving relatives will think of you when they look up and see the moon.

     Finally there is destination earth premise. Your body is dissected into parts and parts of you are buried in different crypts all over the states or in other countries. This solves the problem of burying someone with dual citizenship or someone who was dying to go to foreign and exotic locations. A stone will mark the spot and your name will be plastered in different locations.

     As with everything the burial business is looking towards the future with one hand in your pocket. Burial crypts now include room for Fido and your cat, your snake or whatever you wish to put in the grave. Remember the motto: You can not take it with you, well melted down maybe you can infuse the ashes with money or gold.


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