Why do we say dumb things?

If you must be a dumb bunny stay one jump ahea...

If you must be a dumb bunny stay one jump ahead of trouble! Rabbit, in sailor’s suit, running in direction of sign pointing to prophylactic station (“pro”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do we have a bad and silly habit of saying dumb things at the wrong time?,

It is like trying to get a dollar’s worth of gasoline but you are minus one dime.

How do you tell your girlfriend or wife that the dress is just right,

When in truth it does not fit well and is really a sad, pathetic sight.

Your children ask if they got the algebra homework correct for an A,

But in reality you do not know the new math and wish it would go away.

Science is next and for your daughter is confused, bothered and bewitched,

Something about reproduction and the question why you and wife got hitched.

You have had your foot in your mouth so many times it feels quite correct,

The truth is a statement you forget often and out of your mouth is dreck.

So why do you do it, why not refuse to answer and stay silent,

Because you are the man of the house and you refuse autopilot.

So be damned matey, and beware of the consequences of being a fool,

If God had wanted you a master he would have given you a better tool.


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