Were wolves

Hyperthyroidism: is the condition which causes hair all over the body. It makes the person who has it look like a werewolf. It is also known as the Human Werewolf Syndrome. This could be a mutation by some genetic change or passed on by genes. Many of the people who exhibited this disease found work in the circuses and worked in the sideshows as freaks. One of these performers was Julia Pastrana. There are cases in both sexes. It is possible that the cases have raised the stories of the werewolf which resulted in the monster movies and books. But this is real and these people are not monsters.

Movies of this condition that have made the legends famous started with Lon Chaney. Larry Talbot becomes the werewolf in the 1941 picture and the result is the history in cinema of the werewolf. Of course it was played tongue in cheek, and even for laughs in some of the movies. Abbot and Costello took a stab at the genre in Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein with the Invisible Man and the Wolf man thrown in for laughs.

The wolf man for horror or for laughs. But the truth of the matter it is based on a real disease that affects a few. It is a real disease but of course the person does not change from regular to wolf man in a few short seconds and when the moon is full. But again do not ask Wolf man Jack to clap for the wolf. Or play the werewolves of London for the howling.

A real wolf man


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