Is it fair that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth?,

Is it fair that I have grown up a favorite son of the south?,

Is it fair, that I was given the looks of an Adonis from the heavens above?,

Is it fair, that the girls follow me everywhere and pledge me their love?,

Is it fair that my intelligence and IQ is so grand and high?,

Is it fair that I always get hundreds and the kudos fly?,

Is it fair that I won the lottery and I am as rich as Hades?,

Is it fair that I have a fast car, a great house and a bevy of ladies?,

Now, I know at this point you want me to croak like a frog on a log,

But being a liar is my best suit and so ends this imaginary blog.


Three Men, in a suit, in makeup and as a woman

A man in a suit.

Ricou Browning donned the first suit to film the underwater gill monster in Creature from the Black Lagoon. He also worked in the sequels. He still lives today but not under water. He worked at Weeki Wachee and did stunt work. Browning was also involved as a director in Thunderball and Caddyshack. He received the Florida Legends Award.

Ricou Browning
Ricou Browning as the Gill-man
Born November 23, 1930 (age 83)
Fort Pierce, Florida, USA
Occupation film director, actor, producer, screenwriter, underwater cinematographer, stuntman
Years active




A Man in Makeup.

Boris Karloff sat for hours in a chair while Jack Pierce put on his makeup to transform him into Frankenstein. It was a tedious affair and Karloff endured the hours in the chair. He even went to lunch in the makeup for it would take hours to put it on and off. Originally the role was to be played by Bela Legosi but he looked laughable in the makeup. Boris pulled it off. Later Boris would play the mummy. The shoes for Frankenstein weighed eleven pounds. The copyright was procured for the makeup and outfit.



A man in Drag.


Dustin Hoffman. He played Tootsie and pulled it off. But in an interview he had a weird reaction.

I was shocked that I wasn’t more attractive,” he admits. “I said, ‘Now you have me looking like a woman, now make me beautiful.’ I thought I should be beautiful if I was going to be a woman. I would want to be as beautiful as possible.”

When the makeup team assured him that there was nothing else they could do to make him more “beautiful,” Hoffman says he had an “epiphany” that shook him.

Lying to You

I have been accused of lying to my students. They do not believe me and my words now fall on deaf ears. They do not believe there was the institution of slavery. No man could own another. It just cannot be true. So said my students. Then they could not believe the stories I spoke of that concerned woman’s rights. There is no way a woman could allow herself to be treated that way. “What do you mean woman did not have the right to vote!” they argued constantly. Finally they could not believe the brave soldiers who came home from Vietnam were not treated as heroes. “They fought a war, some died, many wounded, and we treated them poorly,” they said and again called me a liar.


So as a liar I will make predictions for the upcoming year, 2014. This is directed to my readers.


Some of you will make good money, some will stay about the same and finally others will go deeper in the hole.


Some of you will buy a house, some will rent, some of you will be evicted and some will go homeless.


Some of you will have a fight with your boss, some of you will keep quiet, and some will quit and finally some will get fired. Those of you who are the boss will have an employee who fits into those categories. Those retired will not have any of these situations occur.


You will see a movie, eat at a restaurant, have a family meal, eat alone and use the cell phone at least once in the next year.


You will lose your temper, capitulate, say “sorry”, be yelled at, and sleep at least once late in the day.


Some of you will find religion, some will lose theirs and many of you will ask questions. Some will find the light and others turn it off.


Finally some of you will add to your family tree, some will get sick and some will leave your tree and go into the ground.


Like Nostradamus my predictions for next year are given a one hundred percent guarantee. Remember at the beginning of this rant I said my students thought I was a liar. If any of the above predictions turn true than I am not a liar. If not well, guess the title fits.


Katsumi Tezuka (手塚勝巳 Tezuka, Katsumi?) (born August 31, 1912) is a Japanese actor. He is best known for playing monsters in several Toho science fiction and horror films directed by Ishirō Honda.

Search Results

The Godzilla suit had actually been a last resort. Tsuburaya had been deeply impressed with the stop-motion animation method used in King Kong. However, that method was far too costly and time-consuming (even though stop-motion would be used briefly, in one scene where Godzilla destroys the Nichigeki Theatre with his tail). It was decided that the easiest way to go was a stuntman in a monster suit, and a scale-model of Tokyo. This also proved difficult. Stunt actor Haruo Nakajima volunteered to play (the full suit) Godzilla. Nakajima would play Godzilla in later sequels until his retirement from the character in 1972. The first attempt at a Godzilla suit was far too stiff and heavy, nearly impossible to use. They finally hit on a design that worked; but even that was grueling. The stuntman would suffer numerous bouts of heat exhaustion and dehydration. The suit had to have a valve to drain the sweat from it. Also, in order to avoid suffocation, the suit could have only been worn for three minutes. It has also been said that, at one point, Nakajima passed out in the suit due to heat exhaustion.


GODZILLA IS COMING: The new movie is coming out soon. But the old Godzilla was a work to behold. The man in the suit became a national treasure. He was an actor yet in the sweat box of a suit he was not acting. Grueling is the only word to describe his role.


Of note is there are two versions of this file. The first is the Japanese version sans Raymond Burr. The second has Burr in it for American audiences. I believe he was paid ten grand for his performance. He is not in the movie a lot. They filmed his scenes and inserted them in.

I remember seeing this movie and for the time it was pretty well made. Now with CGI and new technologies there is much more stuff available to make it seem real.

Do we look forward to the reboot? I guess so. The last one just did not do it justice. Most of the kids of today would make fun of the old Godzilla but to me it still stands the test of time.


Love With a Stamp

A Love Story with a Stamp

A long time ago when I was single and living in an apartment in Brooklyn I had a roommate. His girlfriend told me of a young lady who lived on Miami Beach who needed to be cheered up because she had just broken up with someone. Would I write her a note to brighten her up.

So I did. A couple of days later I got a letter back. At the bottom was a memo which asked me to write again. So I did. Later that week I got another letter and the rest you can figure out. Since I was running out of ideas of what to write about, I brought the project to my first period seventh grade class who helped me write the letters of the next few weeks.

The kids in the class got a big kick out of the project and since I was teaching English it fit in with the curriculum. It also made the students feel some empathy which I guess was a good thing.

After numerous letters, back and forth, Alice decided that I was okay and invited me to meet her on my Christmas vacation. So I did. We hit it off and when I returned during my Easter vacation I proposed. We got married.

Three kids later and two grandchildren turned out because of the United States mail system. But then again stamps were cheaper. Would I do it all over again? You betcha.

A side note. My wife was born in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, Sept. 15, 1945. I was born in the same hospital on Dec. 17th. The same year. I think the same maternity room and maybe the same crib. Held by the same nurse and birthed by the same Doctor. Were we meant for each other. I think so.

Alive and yet dead

Yesterday, a day to remember, for I was declared dead by Social Security,

No, I am very much alive thank you, I will admit my body has maturity.


Somehow a glitch appeared and a person of my name seems to have died,

Somehow his social security number came up as mine, I guess he lied.


Anyhow, I am now legally dead so I cannot receive any social security money,

My wife thought this was hilarious until we could not pay bills, then not funny.


My pension got notice from social security so they too stopped the check,

My life is now impossible I have become a nervous and dead wreck.


So I have to gain employment and I therefore applied for a job,

But that was impossible because I could not fill out the W2 card.


They cannot take withholding from a dead man they said,

And so I live without any chance of making any bread.


I have spent hours on the phone and letters to many to count,

But all I did is a running in circles and a busted bank account.


I therefore robbed the bank down the street from where I stay,

They arrested me after I hid the money away for a rainy day.


They had to release me for I register dead on their charts and rolls.

I retrieve the money and moved to a foreign country where the criminals goes.


So now I sit on the beach with a rum and coke in my hand,

Living like a wealthy dead person in a faraway land.