The Glut of man.

“You will eat anything,” said the cow to the Billy Goat.

“Not at all,” the goat burped with the flavor of the shoe on his lips.

The cow munched on the cud and thought the remark over.

“I am not sure who is worse in habits, you or the pig?”

The pig looked up offended. “I admit I eat slop but the goat will eat the buttons off a coat and then the coat.”

“I have you all beat said the human. I will eat the goat, the cow and the pig.”

The three nodded in fear for they realized the human was the worse and hoped he would not pick one of them for diner.

Fortunately goosey came by and within seconds became the bon appetite for the night.

Person who harps

Why Does the People who love us have to Harp?


It is bad enough when you are right but then you continue to gloat,

You harp on and on and force the fact you are right down my throat.


It does not matter what the subject is or whether it matters or not,

I just resent it like hell when you constantly act like the big shot.


You won the battle now rub my nose in it till it is raw and bloody,

It is a clear cut victory for you and now I am battered and muddy.


I need a break to come back to a semblance of ego,

I need a win of some sorts, a moment to say BINGO.


So the next time we fight for whatever the cause or the fact,

Give me a chance to win, make this a kind of conciliatory act.


Remember I need a win for the Gipper in me,

Something I can put under my Christmas tree.


Okay I will admit you win in ninety percent of the cases that is true,

But let me win once in a while and remember that it because I love you.

Around the mulberry bush and the bush is dying.

Around and around we go and we know where we are going to stop.

Exactly where we started that is where and what have we accomplished?

Energy wasted and time spent. Money we could have saved spent and we still have not learned much.

Do not read on if you are into politically correct.


I empathize and I feel sad for the dead of the airplane missing somewhere in the Pacific or Indian Ocean. But enough already.

We are into closure but that is a lot of BS. Do we really care that the dead is known and properly buried? Are we really going to spend the money necessary to find that airplane and people are going hungry in country after country?

It is a waste of time, money and sorrow. We need to put on big boy pants and say enough is enough.


We spend fortunes for nada. Iraq and Afghanistan are a waste of human consumption. We need to make laws that govern our country and secure it. No longer open borders. Our approach to alien invasion is ridiculous.


We have now skirted issues and the house is ready to collapse.

We need work from the ground up. If I was a member of Congress I would be worried. I think the American public is ready to get rid of those dinosaurs who have been in Congress when they used pens you dipped into ink wells and add to them the people who have just learned how to put on their pants one leg at a time.


Our government have sold out our country and big money does not mean government of the people. We need to go back to the roots and a new coat of paint needs to be applied.


As far as Hilary is concerned, she is going to find out it is not a walk in the park. She has some flaws but skirting in on a skirt issue is scary. I need to hear directions where she wants the country to go before I decide. And the Republicans please get your heads out of your asses. I am sick of both parties. The independents are to loony. Somehow we will prevail with rationality. But how is beyond me.

The danger of being the President.

On November 1, 1950, Puerto Rican nationalists Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate Truman at Blair House. The attack, which could easily have taken the president’s life, drew new attention to security concerns surrounding Truman’s residence at Blair House. He had jumped up from a nap, and was watching the gunfight from his open bedroom window until a passerby shouted at him to take cover. On the street outside the residence, Torresola mortally wounded a White House policeman, Leslie Coffelt. Before he died, the officer shot and killed Torresola. Collazo, as a co-conspirator in a felony that turned into a homicide, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death in 1952. Truman later commuted his sentence to life in prison. Acknowledging the importance of the question of Puerto Rican independence, Truman allowed a plebiscite in Puerto Rico in 1952 to determine the status of its relationship to the U.S.[152][153] Nearly 82% of the people voted in favor of a new constitution.



What is strange about this incident is the running to the window and possibly giving a view to the gunman which could have resulted in Truman getting shot or killed.

The procedures to protect the president are under constant review and yet there are always flubs.

Ridding in an open car was the doom of Kennedy. How would have history been changed if he had been in a closed car. But then he did it as a photo op and that cost him his life.

And finally our current President who had a madman next to him interpreting his speech with gibberish. If this man was nuts and had decided to hurt or kill Obama he had the chance.

History seems not to teach us much. We do the same dumb things over and over.

We are a world of hatred and bitterness with occasionally sprinkles of kindness and compassion. It is a war of good versus evil and the dark swirls around the light with a ravenous look.




Facts on the people who favor the left.



Left-handedness is somewhat more common among men than among women.[


  • Left-handedness is less common than right-handedness. Left-handed people are more skillful with their left hands when performing tasks. Studies suggest that approximately 10% of the world population is left.
  • Ambidexterity is exceptionally rare, although it can be learned. A truly ambidextrous person is able to do any task equally well with either hand. Those who learn it still tend to favor their originally dominant hand [1]


  • In baseball, a right-handed pitcher’s curve ball will break away from a right-handed batter and towards a left-handed batter. Historical batting averages show that left-handed batters have a slight advantage over right-handed batters when facing right-handed pitchers.[32] Because there are fewer left-handed pitchers than right-handed pitchers, left-handed batters have more opportunities to face right-handed pitchers than their right-handed counterparts have against left-handed pitchers.[33] Sixteen of the top twenty career batting averages in Major League Baseball history have been posted by left-handed batters.[34] Left-handed batters have a slightly shorter run from the batter’s box to first base than right-handers. This gives left-handers a slight advantage in beating throws to first base on infield ground balls.[35]
  • Because a left-handed pitcher faces first base when he is in position to throw to the batter, whereas a right-handed pitcher has his back to first base, a left-handed pitcher has an advantage when attempting to pickoff baserunners at first base.[35]
  • In many European languages, including English, the word for the direction “right” also means “correct” or “proper”. Throughout history, being left-handed was considered negative. The Latin adjective sinister means “left” as well as “unlucky”, and this double meaning survives in European derivatives of Latin, including the English word “sinister” (only when referring to the viewer’s left of a coat of arms).

Left-Handed U.S. Presidents
James A. Garfield  (1831-1881) 20th
Herbert Hoover  (1874-1964) 31st
Harry S. Truman  (1884-1972) 33rd
Gerald Ford  (1913-    ) 38th
Ronald Reagan  (1911 –    ) 40th
George H.W. Bush  (1924-    ) 41st
Bill Clinton  (1946-    ) 42nd
Barack Obama  (1961-    ) 44th


There have been forty three presidents. One did it twice. That means eighteen percent of presidents have been lefty. If the population has ten percent lefties then we elect a disproportional amount of lefties.


I also noted Harpo Marx was a lefty and not his other siblings.


There are books for lefties to teach them pretty much about everything. Lefty golf is on Amazon.


There are stores that favor lefties. And you can buy a ton of stuff on e-bay.


Me, I am a righty, as are all the relatives. But the myths about lefties living less, being less intelligent, making less money are just hogwash.

Commercial People

Commercial People

They are born by the vision of a commercial. The pitch person for a product. The mindset to gravitate to an idea that makes the product remember able in the minds of the public. A person generated by an ad man or woman in the corner of their mind and then sold to a company as the spokesperson.

The Progressive Woman: Flo. I do not believe we know her last name.

We have got a glimpse into what the front of her house looks like. She seems to have lipstick colored red prominent on her face. Some of the ads depict her in a strange light. In one she appears to be the agent of the streets soliciting two young men while she is in the shadows, promising them discounts for some silly gadget. In another she is in the rain doused and at the end she grants him a loaner car. In a third the machine in the headquarters has a death ray and allows her to defy gravity. Pretty surreal if you ask me. I still do not know what is in those boxes. Paper guarantees? Empty with good thoughts? She is always in white like a nurse. And never in a dress. She is sexless and yet tempting? The message is mixed.

The Wendy Girl: She has red hair and a great smile. She is always pushing the meat and is a leader of the industry to sell you the idea that Wendy’s is the place to go. Low key and now in the past few weeks rather strangely erotic.

Where are the Cavemen of Geico? Did the gecko eat them? What about the man made of money? What ever happened to the last drop? Where is the dew drop inn? Do you have a game? It goes on and on the mad men and their ploys.

Words of confusion


What is the shape of a G string?


I know the motion of the sea, what is the motion of e Motion?


Is nob hill filled with snobs or slobs?


I know that assume is making an ass out of u and me, what is presume, is it making a pre out of you and me?


In horse age it counts when the foal is inside the mom. Why is that true of humans? You know your old when you age matches your IQ.


Do you hear w here?


I bet there is a house in New Orleans named the Rising Sun. I have been to the house in New York where the sun set. No action everybody was asleep.


You can wrestle your arms, you can flex a bicep, you can make your lap appear and disappear. Is not your body great?


If everyone takes a one week vacation, once a year that means in a normal life span you have taken off one year. No wonder we are broke.


Do you believe there is a weather channel? Next a channel with just noise on it. It is call the Congress Channel and people can keep warm from all the hot air emulating from the set.


I wonder if there is a special corner of heaven just for Congress. Do Republicans stay in the right side and Democrats stay on the left? In hell are they forced to be linked together in endless debate?


Why are they called Sloppy Joes? Is it a male thing? How about Sloppy Mary or Non-tidy Betty.


If I am the Jack of all trades, when would I be traded in football?


Do you think tight ends have hemorrhoid issues?