Rants and Raves and other words.

In a perfect world.


If you find the source of a river and lose it and find it again is it a resource.


A flock of birds comprises how many birds. Two, three, four how many?


How many is in a herd? What is a single herd called, an echo.


Recall a memory and then record is a memory recallord.


Is an aquamarine, a marine under water like a scuba diver?


I mix up abort and support. I can support a missile with a computer system and abort it with the same system.


Buttons should be butts weighing a ton.

I can weave on a loom or it can loom in the horizon?

If I eat in a port a sub is that a subport?

If sugar cane is sweet what does a hurri cane taste like?

I can be behind or I can see a bee hind. It can sting and based on some behinds I have seen my eyes have smarted because they were so wide.

We like curves in the road and curves on a good looking woman.

We chisel people out of money and clay into a shape.

Peninsula is the type of land form of Florida. I use to teach geography but I always avoided drawing the outline of it on the board. Students note it looks like a penis. Then add the keys and it looks like drippings. You can never underestimate the creativity of the young mind on hormones and thinking only of sex, food and not being in school.

By the by the largest lake in South America is Lake Titicaca and that also would get giggles. Twin peaks is also a good one.




We are akin to the bubble.

A bright shiny light entity,

Floating in the air, our spirits high,

Sometimes earth bound and sometimes soaring in the sky.

Our bubble is fragile,

It bruises with easy,

It can feel pain like the sting of a bee,

Yet it is beautiful and reflects the light,

As it floats like a plane in flight.

And it bumps into other bubbles some actually join in,

Meld together and stay for a fling,

Then there are others that just cause ado of drama,

They hit you like a carpenter’s tool, the hammer.

Finally at the end it bursts and releases the soul,

No longer a bubble, an entity unfold,

But there is plenty left to bemuse and delight,

Pretty and shiny in the day and invisible at night.

The Camel’s Back, how dromidary.

What breaks the camel’s back,

Is it the weight or its lack?

We feel the burden of a rush,

We need to get it done,

We have to get the work done so we can have some fun,

And then it is back to the grind to do it over again.


A circle of ups and downs as if we were running in place,

A rush to a complete end and done with haste.

Smell the roses, hell smell the dandelion,

For goodness sake, take a moment for me time.


And then the guilt, did we do all we could do?

Did we raise the children well and where time flew?

Did we do our work with precision, did we always make the right decision?

At the end is the judgment on our lives justify our heavens entrance.

Or is there a stain which will permeate our legacy and our penance?


Let the angels in, keep the devil out, and at the end hold up your face and do not pout.

You did it all and you gave it your best,

It really does not matter what mark you got on that seventh grade test.

You tried and that is all that counts.

Whatever happens next you are the best and make the best of every pound and ounce.

Both sides of the Tracks

They were as far apart as could be,

She was upper class and he wore a tee,

He traveled into town on a motorbike,

She had a secure and safe type of life.


But they met in a convenience store both there for gas,

She was approached by a local jerk who touched her arm,

Our biker saw this and reacted for he thought she might come to harm.

A knight in shiny armor on a steed made of steel,

Instead of being offended, it was her heart he did steal.


And they met secretly which gave fuel to the fire in their hearts,

As negative approaches positive that is how their love did start.

But he was a nomad of the roads, he could not be tied down,

She tried to stop him, but eventually he drove out of town.


But there union, though brief, begat a child of love,

A baby was born later, cute as a small dove.

A baby grew from both sides of the tracks,

That baby was named for both of them, my great grandfather, Max Wax.

Fun for the morning/in the morning.

Words that confuse me.

Cartoon is a car as a toon?

Mismanager is a woman who does not have her affairs in order?

How can soda be a pop? Is my father bubbly?

Who is the father of corn? Pop Corn? And who is the mother?

Who came up with “If pigs could fly”? What about flying hippos? Flying monkeys? We know monkeys can fly for we saw them in the Wizard of Oz.

On a divorce cake is the bride and groom plastic pieces on the extreme sides of the cake. Is there other plastic figures in the middle like the kids?

We say that love can sting. Is that why we have that dumb expression on our face when we make love?

Ever look in the mirror and think you see a different person in front of you?

Would they have cut off Marie Antoinette’s head if she had said?

“Let them eat liver and onions” instead of “Let them eat cake”?

I always found it interesting that Monica Lewinski kept the dress with stains of DNA on it from Clinton in her closet. If they did not have sex, this would prove it? I wonder if she wishes to sell it on eBay.

People use to use their sleeve cuffs to write memos on to remember things.

Is sublime green and under the ground?

My wife always thinks in economic terms. She wants to bury me three feet under and save the extra expense of six feet under. Problem is she wants to do it now and I am still alive.


The GED Student


General Educational Diploma: Basic Rules


The following is what is on the test.




  1. Language Arts: Writing
  2. Language Arts: Reading
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science
    • Physical Science
    • Life Science
    • Earth and Space Science
  5. Mathematics
    • Number operations and number sense
    • Measurement and geometry
    • Data analysis, statistics, and probability
    • Algebra, functions, and patterns

Each of the five GED tests has a maximum score of 800. The highest possible score for all five tests is 4000 points.

The average high school graduate scores 500 on each test, or a total of 2,500 points.

The GED test is scored based on this average. You must pass each test with a minimum score of 450.

I believe you can see that this is not a piece of cake. But if a student who has dropped out wants to go this route they must work hard. Getting 450 on each part is not a run in the park.


Now take a look at the fifteen percent. These are students who for the most part do not do well in the classroom environment. They have trouble sitting for extended periods of time and their ability to absorb knowledge of this kind are limited. These students tend to be learners of the other senses. They are hands on people, or they have great art sense, or physical prowess. Perhaps the GED should be adjusted to take into account their strengths and not just the ability to be a rote learner. Perhaps there should be a hundred points as an alternative add on that would incorporate a different skill which might be oral or dialogue. I am saying that the importance of a high school decree is imperative to enter college or join the military so the ramifications need to be broadened so the fifteen percent group stands a chance to get a GED.


America is a country of second chances. I believe the GED must be looked at and modified. Maybe a GED enhanced and a GED Basic. Really I am going to keep a student from advancing because he is terrible at math and stands no chance of algebra enhancement. I do not care what we do to this student he or she has a block to algebra. Is this a reason to keep them out of higher learning when the field they are interested has no algebra in it?

The sister of Christ

As usual man got it wrong. He is barking up the wrong tree and is filled with the thought he is so great. Yes, Christ was the son of God. But there is also a counterpoint. One that fell through the crack. There is a daughter of God. One who sacrificed even more than the physical being? The one left behind who had to get the ball rolling and get people into believing of the gift of the sacrifice of her brother. And she, unnamed and forgotten is the true story.

After the death of her brother, Jesus, she convinced the other members, the disciples to stay as a team and build the church. She prompted St. Peter to build, she convinced the people not to revolt but stay peaceful for that is what she believed her brother would want.

And for all that she sacrificed there is no mention of her.

Jesus suffered? The Son of God felt no pain, and because he was going to his reward looked with a smile on his human kind and smiled. His greatest words were one of kindness. Not hatred.

But the big smile was to his sister who witnessed his sacrifice for he knew she would care on his work.

He would live in the hearts of many and it is due to her strength and perseverance.

No statues for her. No mention of her. But she is a true miracle.