A poem for four weeks

Week One: In a Rush

I have spent a good part of my life waiting around,

Wanting to get to the next step and you know what I found.

I should not have been in that much of a rush to get there,

For time will come when it wants to, for it has not a care.

I so wanted to finish school and get a job which would be fun,

So with my education I ended up a teacher for a forty year run.

I could not wait to play house and meet the women of my dreams,

Along she came and before I know it, we lived above our means.

I longed for the ability to pay my bills and all my debts,

I still have not accomplished that and yet I have no regrets.

I could not wait to see my son’s shining face and smile,

But now he has his own son to watch which is worthwhile.

Yes, I was in a hurry to find my place in society and change the world,

But the world went on its own and history has went by unfurled.

I was just a small spark and made no great claim.

But in my small way I waited and time came.

Now I sit, play scrabble with the wife, watch TV. and idle my hours,

I am not in rush to do anything for I have learned the limit of my powers





Week Two: Passing the Torch

We the baby boomers of World War Two,

Now pass the torch of change from us to you.

We were the group who grew up and rebelled,

We chanted, marched, rallied and yelled.

What good did it do, well we can count a win or two

Women gained the right to work and express their view.

Minority rights became the law of the land,

People of all sorts could express and make a stand.

Technology bloomed, diseases cured, and new inventions abound,

The computer revolutionized industry and new things were found.

The problem is as new things came up, more problems occurred,

Some of our goals and thoughts became complex and blurred.

So now it is your turn, have a go and try to be true,

We have left a lot of problems for you to do.



Week Three: A Point of Order from a Regular Citizen

Our stagnated Congress is acting like the kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

No legislation seems to be moving much, it appears to be no driver in the fancy car.

The American public is outraged, frustrated, bewildered and can only take so much.

It appears that the legislators are not legislating and that they are totally out of touch.

At this point no one in our country cares what is definitely right or definitely wrong.

The American public has heard the discourse and the ranting and raving, it is a torch song.

The word is compromise and it is not being used in the halls by a Congressional member,

Hopefully the voting public will review this nonsense and vote out the nut cases in November.

Furlough is the word disturbing to all and that has people up in arms and ready to snap at the drop of a hat,

Even some Congress people are stating they will forgo their salary checks to avoid being picked at.

But they miss the point and that is why I raise a point of order to the distinguished group,

The health plan is enforce and that is a different situation and kettle of soup.

Closing the country down and risking things I really do not wish to list,

What are they thinking? Do they understand that all we want to do is exist?

So here we stand day two with people in a “deer in the headlights”


November is coming boys and girls, and do not think you cannot be deposed.

Now I know you are eventually going to compromise and try to look like the good guys,

But this time we are fed up with your silly actions and now the word applying to you is DESPISE.







Week Four: I have a Monkey on my Back.

The monkey is there, I know it is there and I do not know what to do,

I tried for quite a while to get it off, but now I’m in a funk, a muddled stew.

Maybe it is the bills or that I still spend money like a drunken sailor,

I am constantly bombarded by the sales, coupons and the mailers.

Yet, what is concerning me on a daily basis is the influx of bills,

I pay them in order of priority and believe there is little for frills.

I have got to pay the rent and the car bill and gas is a top must,

Water bill, electric bill and phones are enough to make a budget bust.

Then there are the credit cards, I have never had the guts to count them all,

I have got to make a memo to myself that I must never, never go to the mall.

Food is the last thing on the list and we coupon ourselves on Sunday,

We get through the week with enough goodies to last till the next Monday.

Going to a movie or a restaurant has gone by the wayside even as a treat,

First of all are the necessary bills and then the emergencies that we must meet.

And so it goes week after week, month after month and year after year,

But now the rat race stops, I’m a gov’t employee there is nothing else to fear.

I am furloughed now thank you Congress, with no money coming in to pay the majority of my bills,

So goodbye house, goodbye car, and shut the electric for I’m going to live with my buddies in Beverly Hills.

scam artist

Are we all scam artists or are we always truthful?

Have you contributed to society, are you fruitful?


Who has not slanted their tax return to get back a bigger return?

Who has not feigned their affection, showed a phony concern.


Who does not lie, white lies included in the mix?

Who ever said they would work their way out of a fix?


And the scam artists out there, their everywhere and cunning,

The ones who send emails from Nigeria asking for money.


The companies out there trying to sell you all manners of objects,

Using all manners of manipulations from coaxing to those complex.


Buy this and you will be beautiful and not age even a bit,

The clothes you buy are colorful and they are a perfect fit.


The car is low mileage and driven by a devout nun,

She traveled only to church and never had any fun.


And then you find a condom under the seat and you know the truth,

And driving that BMW or Mercedes Benz will not maintain your youth.


Do politicians lie, or stretch the truth to suit their aims,

Stroking the public, and never accepting the blames.


Does anyone believe the people in Congress who make our laws?

The two party system which everyone in the country professes and adores.


A rating approval in the lower digits now that I can believe,

Democratic principles flung about and crying on their sleeves.


Oh well, what the hell, the Devil roams the Washington scene,

No one telling the real truth, poor America, now obscene.




An Epcot story.

A Story You Are Not Going To Believe.


I was one of the first to organize the trips to Epcot by a school.   I hired five buses and took the entire school minus the students who got into real trouble from December to the day of the trip. It was considered a behavioral modification tactic. I also took on this trip ten teachers and five parents.


My name was on the trip and I guess if it went wrong my career would go down the tubes. So I stayed on my toes for the entire trip.


I had one student, I will call him John. John came to me and begged to go on this trip. John was held back two years for constantly getting into trouble. If the behavioral modification program needed a poster child it was John. I am a little on the crazy side. I told John I would consider it if the Principal okay-ed it. To my amazement he did with two provisos. There were two other students in the same situation. If the three of them got into no trouble from December to May he would allow them to go. Second point they had to walk around with me. I figured there was no way that they would contain themselves. They did. I figure they would not get up the money needed. They did. I figured there was no way they would wake up four o’clock in the morning and catch the bus. They did. I found the cigarette butts where they stood and waited across the street for the busses. They were there at two in the morning. I made them ditch the cigarettes. They did.


The three boys were a mixed lot. A huge White Kid, a Spanish Kid, and a Black Kid. And then there was me. We were a weird group walking around Epcot. We almost did not go. John showed up wearing a tee shirt with words on it. This was a Vietnam shirt, political in nature, it stated, “Kill a commie, for your mommy!” It certainly was not a good selection. I could have sent him home, I should have made the shirt inside out. But I allowed it.


We got there and it went well. Outside of the classroom the three boys acted like real good children. There were looks and stares but they handled everything well. Until we entered the Chinese store. John walked around by himself and the staff, maybe from China read the inscription on the shirt and followed him around like he was a criminal. The other two boys were on the other side of the store. We left within five minutes and that was that.


We were on the way home. Since it was a pretty good distance from Epcot to Pompano Beach the buses took a break at the service station on the turnpike for a thirty minute break. It was during the break that the three boys took me to the side.


They commented that I was the one teacher who they really appreciated. No one else would have taken a chance on them and they wanted to show how they felt. They gave me a bag.


Inside the bag was an object they had gotten from the Chinese Pavilion.

I should have known there was a problem. First it was not wrapped. Second the sticker of how much it cost was still on it. The sticker read 1.500 which they had interpreted as fifteen dollars. A nice gift.


It hit me as I looked at it. John was the decoy and while the store employees were watching him the other two boys purloined this object. They had just given me a stolen object. I saw my career going down the drain. Add to this that they had misinterpreted the number and the real price was a hundred and fifty dollars just made it worse.


I choked up and the boys misinterpreted my wiping my eyes. They stated that if they had known I was so happy about the gift they would have gotten something more. I did not say that any more would get me a berth in a jail cell. I said instead how we would have to keep this a secret because the other teachers would be jealous. I realize that these three were eight graders and soon would be gone from the school. I prayed they would pass.


When I got home I wiped off the “gift” and mailed it with no return address back to Epcot. I went to a distant post office. I do not know if they ever got it. For the next few months I feared all phone calls and any mention of going to the principal’s office. But I got away with it. It was over thirty years ago so it is over the laws governing disclosure of a theft.


I continued the trips to Epcot but I was always a little more on my toes.



The non change of the bad life style

Life is not like an Aesop fable, or a reality show you watch on cable,

Life is complicated and sometimes has no rhyme or reason, no label.


Life has roads which lead nowhere and paths that end you in the ditch,

You will be called many labels and never really know your true nitch.


You will determine your position like the moon in the sky by who you are,

You will laugh at things that are not funny and smile when someone calls you honey.


Where does life go to and why did it pass so fast, no aspirations will be cast,

We make mistakes and then do them again and again, we are lucky to have a friend.


Enemies abound, they are everywhere you look, and they should be discarded like a bad read book,

And yet we keep the drama and get caught up in the mix, humans are so in a pickle fix.


They complain and complain and yet do nothing to change,

They refuse to grow and to expand their education and range.

They give up as easily as falling off the proverbial log,

They argue that their brain cannot absorb information and they are in a fog.


Ninety percent make the excuses every day of why they cannot quit,

Cigs and alcohols and other habits that they should dampen a little bit.

But it goes on and on and the excuses rain from their mouths with glee,

You cannot change the old dog and the blind never will see.

Words that confuse

Can aqua man swim in jello?

Can superman have sex with a human or is automatic death for the woman with a thrust of his hips?

If a werewolf mates in human form would his off spring morph since its blood is tainted.

Can one be ambidextrous with their feet?

Where exactly is somewhere?

I have heard of the A male, but what about the d face? Is it a mar on the visage of humanity?

How hot are aces in the hole? Are not all cards whole cards?

What do you feed a steel horse I ride?

Would the knights of old wear aluminum shield?

FBI agents are to shield the president of the United States. If an FBI agent was gay would he therefore be a panty shield?

If Dee is in the can, is she candy?

Is substance subpar on its stance?

What are the tricks at the White House for Halloween? Would you be arrested, interrogated and imprisoned?

If a human has a sty in his eye what about a pig? Could it have a sty in its eye and be in a sty?

Como is how in Spanish. Was Perry Como Spanish and how was Perry?

Which would you like to be stabbed with, an epee, a saber or board sword? Answer and I wonder why you wish to be stabbed.

An oldie but one I like.



No One Listens!

When I was a kid, adults made light of what I had to say,

They assumed I was a kid and only good to go out and play.

As a teenager, adults thought my ideas were immature,

They pushed them to the side and treated them as impure.

As a young adult in college my professors thought I was inane.

They gave me good grades but they assumed my ideas were insane.

When I got married my wife and children did not listen at all,

They didn’t want to hear of troubles at work and just went to the mall.

Being a teacher, my students took my life lessons and they rejected them all,

They knew better than me and they certainly would not stumble and fall.

As an old man no one listens, they do not want to hear of my past,

Many of the things I have ceased to exist today and life goes by so fast.

Death came to me the other day and I asked for another day,

But he ignored my request and just took me away.


Confusion Rules

I am Puzzled

I do not know why but I have puzzles swirling in my bothered head,

I want to know the who’s and what’s, what happens when you’re dead?

Who did kill John F. Kennedy and what happened to Abraham Lincoln,

I will have these questions running about even when I am dead and stinking.

Did O. J. Kill his wife and get away with murder because of a glove that did not fit,

Did that guy in Aruba kill that poor girl and bury her, will we get the story if we ask for it.

What really happened at the Benghazi tragedy and who really was to blame,

Either way the people involved have made our country appear to have shame.

Where we really at the point of default and would the country gone under,

Which party was responsible for this incredible and stupid blunder?

Who will run in the year of twenty hundred and sixteen?

Will it be Hillary or possibly someone else now now seen?

Will a comet hit the earth and all life as we know it cease and disappear?

Will aliens from outer space come and cause panic and widespread fear.

Ebola has dominated the news as of late and people are scared of their fate,

Will it spread like wild, and be the killer out of the crate?

When will I die and which direction will I take then,

Heaven or hell, or someplace else for this poor comedian.