Money List

My money list


A is for Auto

B is for Broke

C is for credit

D is for Deposit

E is for electric

F is for Food

G is for General Fund and gas

H is for House

I is for Insurance

J is for Junk

K is for Kayseri

L is for Loans

M is for Misery and the mystery hole where my money goes.

N is for New Clothes

O is for Open Accounts

P is for Payday Now

Q is for quaint gifts

R is for Reserve Funds, LOL

S is for Savings

T is for television, i.e.: Bright House

U is for Used Items

V is for Value

W is for Waste and water

X is for the X factors, coming out of the blue

Y is for why I bought that

Z is for Zed which is how much I have at the end of the month.

Thrown out of Eden.

Adam and Eve had lunch.

Bananas and apples and pears from the trees.

And then one day Adam was convinced by Eve to eat meat.

He looked at the peaceful animals milling about and choose a lamb.

Both had lamb chops and disobeyed the law of the land.

For the lamb was by God a gift to view and gaze upon.

And now one of the flock was eaten and God therefore was displeased.

And God said, “You have eaten a peaceful animal who gave you no harm.”

“Get out of Eden and repent your sin to me!”

And so mankind has never been able to go back to Eden while he insists on eating the innocent of the world. This story was pushed by the the people who say, “What is for dinner?”


Names in a mirror.

She was the Dawn of time.

If Don Ho opened a Chinese Restaurant he might name it Ho’s Buffet.

Edith Head was a fashion designer.

Mother Nature went on a binge and we got fruity Pebbles.

Father Time lost track of time and we had instant replay.

Benjamin Déjà vu kept repeating his actions.

Simple Simon had complex mental problems.

Ruby Dee got a Cee on her exam.

Ben Blue was not always sad.

Johnathan Winters blew hot and cold.

Robin Williams nestled with Robin Roberts.

Timothy Leary was paranoid.

How can a contract be signed sight unseen.

Is the Hulk a mean, green fighting machine and is he related to Hulk Hogan.

Can Arnold Palmer play at Palm Springs?

Did Art Carney ever play a carny at a carnival?

Did Phil Silvers ever have a golden moment?

Is High Ho Silver about a whore who is high and paid with coins?


Reality show and the sound of the sucking of air out of the room.

Can reality television get much worse?

As long as it sells and someone opens the purse.

We now have watching paint dry as a source of joy.

Or watching a shrimp boat sailing with an ahoy.


It is scripted and drama woven into its mix.

Even the shows move with false fights and hitting with sticks.

Originality is no more, it has been edited to the floor,

We flip the switch as a human who is a bore.


Vets in space is coming soon, alien pests with no clue,

The effects of flying on the human body in the blue,

Tree climbing by pregnant moms as dense as the wood,

People with missing body parts doing what they could.


Will someone say enough, will someone pull the plug?

Give me the shovel, I will bury the television with a hole I dug.

It’s boring like Judge Judy going it’s a gift, no it’s a loan,

It is as boring as listening to lovers on a cell phone.


I believe there will be a rush to burn t. v. sets,

It is coming soon that would be as good as it gets.


And we have made heroes out of people we should despise,

People who we have made rich and now have big eyes.

Honey Boo Hoo and the K. Klan with bimbos a plenty,

They are a dime a dozen and not worth even one penny.


We are on high alert and the tension is in the air,

Been there and done that and it just is not fair.

But the terrorist are at it and they have pricked the skin,

The attack in Ottawa shows us that they we have not erased their sin.


They, the lone wolves are out there, their fangs to be exposed,

They are out there and may our actions be that we are on our toes,

Paranoia is the realm of the day and the hairs on our neck are up,

We are running in circles with the threats and rumors, like a young pup.


But I have seen this before, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Nam in my memory banks,

I have seen the invasions of countries and the square in China with tanks.

The enemy now wants us to live in constant and forever fear,

They want us to live in doubt and to lose what we hold most dear.


By overreacting and making rules and laws that limit our rights,

We justify them because we are against the enemy who is a rabid dog with bites,

But that is what they want, the fear and our cities on edge,

And that is why the people must live up to their principles and remember their pledge.


Our world must counter the feeling of the unknown,

We must resist the temptation to throw the baby out with the water,

We must stay alert and prepared and not overreact,

We must protect all and for God’s sake protect our board.


We salute our soldiers, the police and the men on alert,

We put in your hands the means to keep us safe,

For now we must go back to the day to day activities,

Keep us safe from the enemy and protect us from the hurt.

Blair House

Houses of History



Blair House: Blair House is the official state guest house for the President of the United States. It is located at 1651-1653 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., opposite the Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House, off the corner of Lafayette Park.[

In the autumn of 1950, the White House was being renovated and President Truman and his family were living in the nearby Blair House on Pennsylvania Avenue. On the afternoon of November 1, Truman and his wife were upstairs when they heard a commotion—and gunshots—coming from the front steps of the house. Indeed, the pair of would-be assassins had strolled up to the front door of Blair House and opened fire. They never made it past the entry steps, however, due to the quick reaction of police officers and guards. Secret Service Agent Leslie Coffelt was mortally wounded in the ensuing melee, but not before he managed to kill Torresola. Collazo later revealed to police just how poorly planned the assassination attempt was: the assailants were unsure if Truman would even be in the house when they launched their attack at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.Torresola and Collazo were political activists and members of the extremist Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, a group fighting for full independence from the United States. The “Independistas,” as they were commonly called, targeted Truman despite his support of greater Puerto Rican autonomy.

A rant with no direction.

I am madder as a hatter at my bladder,

It wants to burst with the poison of food and drink.

It is like the dirty dishes at home that float on grease on my sink.

I have a paradox going that says to work is good and to relax is slacking and therefore I work too much like a car with a full clutch.

A neat freak with a mean streak I dirty at night so I can clean during the day.

I polish and shine and that includes my change for my pockets have lint, and my dimes must shine.

My mind is clouded with thoughts that needs to be purified,

For I fear hell when this life is over and that is not a good way to die.

I am complex, yet simple and ugly even with a Kirk Douglas dimple.

I look in the mirror and make faces at the idiot reflected there,

A fat old man with a smile on his idiot face and a lack of hair.

And so I end this rant that flowed through my brain,

These thoughts that many think drove me crazy and quite insane.