A thought on Life

Into each life there is comedy and tragedy and they mingle,

The thought process tries to separate them but they intermingle,

Tangled are the webs of life, and sometimes they make little sense,

We try to organize it into categorizes and put up roadblocks and some types of fence.


But it all is joined and complex with shades of gray,

We are a product of hormones and circumstances that choice our way.

Just when you thought you had it down pat and life runs by the book,

That is when there is a tumble, like the guy on the stage and out comes the hook.


I sometimes wonder if animals feel the joys and the depressions of life’s cycles,

The warmth of love and the feel of rejection like icicles.

But humans are deep in thought and drama is part of life,

There is ups and downs and there is wins and days of strife.


Face each day with the face of the winner,

You know you can for you are no beginner.

And at the end of the day lay your head down with a prayer,

That you have done your best and that you gave life a care.

Cancer rears its ugly head again.

Cancer and the Miracle of Life

The purpose of this particular blog is give a boost to all those out there who are facing the dilemma of illness. Do not give up!

My son, Sam and his wife, Lexi, had a baby boy. At the age of two it was quite evident that his head was larger than normal. We thought maybe water on the brain. The doctor’s diagnoses was much more devastating. Cancer. Brain Cancer. It was in the brain of our two year old grandson. Michael was facing a grim battle.

I better write this right away or you will not read on. Michael survives.

My son and daughter-in-law live in Tampa. They took Michael to St. Joseph’s Hospital where they attempted to enter the brain and remove the cancer. They could not get it all out. Devastation descended on the family. When you hit the wall it takes your breath away. Fortunately my son took the reins. He called every doctor he could find that could handle brain cancer in a two year old. There was a very limited number of doctors who fit this category. Finally there was Doctor Finley, working out of New York University Hospital who accepted Michael as a patient.

The Kids went up by rail. Flying would put too much pressure on the brain. Mike stayed at the hospital and went through five chemotherapy sessions. He had stem cell procedures. All through this ordeal the family received support from the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel. These people are unbelievable to their dedication and ability to handle such terrifying events. Michael was released from the hospital just after 9-11, the hospital is located near this disaster and treated many of the people who went through that ordeal.

Today Michael thirteen. The amazing thing is the ability of the brain to reboot itself. Michael plays baseball and does well in school. His ability to comprehend and learn was not affected. His balance was but has seemed to adjust. A small decree of fortune is that he was so young that he does not seem to remember a lot of that time. There is a good probability that he will lead a normal life.

I wrote this under heavy duress. But like I mentioned in the beginning if this gets one person to get through the day or helps someone adjust their mental attitude to going on than it was worth it. Of the twenty odd children who were part of the experiment at that time Michael and two others survived and that is why I consider him a miracle.

I saw Michael a few weeks ago and he is doing well. His mental process are on line. His physical abilities are okay. If it were not for a scar where they opened his head to remove cancer and a portal near his belly button you would not know how close he came to dying. The scar is covered by hair but hair does not cover it completely and I can spot the incision. Somehow Michael survived, is it a miracle? You decide. The success rate we were told was under a twenty percent chance of survival. There were no stats on how incapacitated he would be. Yet he survived and there appears no complications. Michael goes twice a year for a checkup. So far so good. I will brief you every once in a while. But believe in miracles and fight. To all you out there in a similar situation I pray for you and know what you are going through. Take each day, one day at a time, and live it as well as you can.

Michael is now at Berkley Prep School in Tampa heading for the high school. He is learning Chinese and is a typical kid. My son puts effort into working with people who have had similar situations and is on the web at Sam Wax at Easy Mortgage. Com.   Michael is now into golf and walks the course in Tampa.

Cancer is a bitch. Michael’s mother, Lexi is now battling colon cancer. Her colon has been removed and her level is getting lower. But chemo now is the main goal of her day to day life. Her head is bald and she wears wigs. I wonder if cancer can run in families. I wonder if there is a gene in the makeup that fights cancer. Lexi is tough and she is a wonderful daughter-in-law. I pray one day this disease will be a thing of the past. I will let you know how she is doing in the future.



Mary Phelps Jacob is probably one of those names that is not often known or even spoken. Yet this woman took an old concept, modified it, patient it and then sold the rights. Her mark has changed the lives of countless women. She is a pioneer and thinker. She did this when women were supposed to be in the kitchen cooking and in the bedroom, I guess also cooking. What did she do?


She designed the bra. Now, she did not invent the bra. But she took the old brassieres made of whale bone and changed them into something that did not poke. Corsets at the time of the turn of the century had whalebone and steel rods in them. She moved away from the barbaric contraptions and used silk and sheer fabrics. She received a patent for the “Backless Brassiere.” Woman now by the dozens wanted this device and she created an industry.

Brassieres was a French word for “upper arm.” Jacob’s was a wealthy lady and did not want the grueling task of production so she sold her concept to

Warner Brothers Corset Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut for $1,500.


So the next time you purchase the undergarment, or put one on, or take one off remember this young lady who with insight became an entrepreneur. In the time of the put down of women kind she stood out and was an innovator.


Victoria Secret should have her picture up in their stores, for without her women would have plastic support bras on their chests versus plastic in their chests.



Fishing for a meal. Or free food on the barb.

He baited the hook and cast the line. What he would catch he did not know. But he and his companion were hungry and he had heard this was a great spot.

He let out the line and waited. The wait of the fisherman, thinking of what would take the bait. Was it going to be a tasty morsel or just a piece of junk? Patience was necessary.

Then the tug, he had something on the line. He yanked and hoped the yank would make the barb go deep. He started to reel in the prize. He pulled back and fought. “I too would fight for my life,” he said out loud.

Then he saw the bait had worked and the catch was in view. His companion took out the grabber and as soon as the catch was near grabbed it and yanked it in.

Poor Tom Jackson. He had seen the little piece of gold and grabbed it. He did not see the thin line that was attached to the nugget and then it was yanked. The barb on the gold went deeply into his hand and before he knew it he was yanked high into the sky. Within a few minutes the aliens had him. He was skinned, filleted and prepared.

Of all the billions on earth, only a few cared that he disappeared. They assumed problems with the wife and he had just gone away. Little did the people of earth know that they were a new fishing spot?

The aliens enjoyed their meal. They recast into the pool of blue sky and waited for the next tidbit. Bon appetite.

the Love of the CAR

We are fascinated by the fast car and even the concept of speed,

It is in the quote by Tom Cruise, “I have the need for the speed.”

Maybe it is the shape of the vehicle or the blur out of the window,

But whichever it is close as it can be to be considered weirdo.


Is it Steve McQueen on the streets of San Francisco?

Or Burt Reynolds in the backwoods during the years of the disco.

Or are you into the kids movie Cars or perhaps Herbie has your eye,

Is it the car that has a will of its own like in the Steven King movie, the car that would not die?


There are people who talk auto and carbonators and spark plugs are their thing,

They fiddle with their cars and dress them up and adorn them with bling.

Even our songs have the car as an illustrated item in our folklore filled with love,

Sally drives one and so does the little old lady, two women we think the world of.


Car a simple word that says so much,

I feel the urge and my hand reaches for the clutch,

Throw it into fourth and hammer the pedal,

Put my foot down and slam it to the metal.


The Cars that made you move, at least in your mind.

The fascination with the car.

Our movies and television have mirrored this fascination. Man movies maybe, but there is something about the mechanical robot that rises the back of the hairs of a male.

Here are two which are points of that concept.

Steve McQueen in Bullet. Yes he is the star but there is the scene of his car being chased which is the highlight of the movie.

Two Mustangs and two Dodge Chargers were used for the famous chase scene. Both Mustangs were owned by the Ford Motor Company and part of a promotional loan agreement with Warner Brothers. The cars were modified for the high-speed chase by veteran auto racer Max Balchowsky. Stunt coordinator Carey Loftin got Bud Ekins to drive the Mustang for the bulk of the stunts. Both of the Dodges were junked after the filming, as was one of the Mustangs. The other less banged-up Mustang was purchased by a WB employee after all production and post-production was completed. The car ended up in New Jersey a few years later, where Steve McQueen attempted to buy it. The owner refused to sell, and the car now sits in a barn and has not been driven in many years.

The director called for speeds of about 75-80 mph, but the cars (including the ones containing the cameras) reached speeds of over 110 mph. Filming of the chase scene took three weeks, resulting in 9 minutes and 42 seconds of footage. They were denied permission to film on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Frank Bullitt’s car is a 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT 2+2 Fastback. The bad guys drive a 1968 Dodge Charger 440 Magnum. The Charger is just barely faster than the Mustang, with a 13.6-second quarter-mile to a 13.8-second.

Smokey and the Bandit

On the DVD Documentary, Burt Reynolds says that a senior executive at Pontiac promised him a free Trans-Am if the movie became a hit. It did and the 1977 T-Top Trans-Am became one of the hottest selling cars of the year. When the movie became a hit, Reynolds expected the executive to come through with his promise. But the Trans-Am never came. After a few months, Reynolds, (who was afraid of looking like one of those pretentious stars looking for freebies), finally called Pontiac. As it turned out, the executive that made the promise had retired and the new executive refused to keep the promise that was made, by the previous Pontiac Trans Am executive.

There are plenty of others but these two are of my youth and are buried in my psychological past. I see myself as Burt or Steve. But this was a long time ago. Steve is gone and Burt is an old man. The cars are pieces of the past. But the film is still shown and when you see the cars there is a moment of oh yes, and for a second you go back to when you first saw them and you were young.

The Puzzle of Life at Halloween

Mother Mary stomped on the canary and so ended the little life,

It chirped at the end and did take offend to a new height.

But it had its revenge, for when she cooked it for dinner,

She ate it with relish and it caught in her throat and killed the sinner.


Thus life is a rotating piece of a puzzle wrapped in an enigma with pieces missing,

We all complain and moan and groan and yet in the end we die pissing.

We are a wrapper with innards and a lot of crap and piss,

There are too many parts and if taken out of context they will be missed.


We are buried with honors or just thrown in a grave,

Little of our lives important, just the memories that have been saved,

Our prodigy will forget us with time and our trinkets will be sold,

No one lives forever and that is the rumor that has been foretold.

So live life to the fullest, take a pint and measure your wit,

For at the end we are all skeletons which have been dumped into a pit.