The Abbot. Chapter in the book I am writing called The Jew

The abbot of Arseni of Yaroslavl was a small man with large taste. He took refuge in his calling and sincerely believed that the Jews of Russia were as leeches on the veins of the elite. He was destined to be a member of that distinguished group for he was a man of God, appointed by God and deemed worthy of that right. He had struggled with the church on many occasions but somehow he had gained a following. He was a stubborn man and a man with few feelings. He put that smile on his face of the actor but deep down he was just doing an acting job. His real feelings were his advancement and the feeling of power that he felt from his position.


It was his intention to have an arm into the turmoil that Russia now was in. That arm was his body guards. He had noted the unrest of his area and had talked the bishop into his need of protection. It was for that reason the bishop had granted him army protection.


Arseni went through many army personnel. He was looking for a person who would also want to advance. A person he could manipulate and a person who would not question an alliance between the church and the military. He found that in Boris Chernobog. A leader of a cadre of men specially picked by him who formed the small troop assigned for the abbot’s protection.

By conversation the abbot and Boris had agreed that the Jews were at the root of the dissension now occurring in Russia. They seem to have friends in high places. Friends who wanted the Russian government to modernize and that meant a more liberal government. A government who would allow Jews more freedom. The tzar Nicholas the Second was not in favor of this for his very standard of living was in jeopardy. But he conceded as he fought each day to stay in power. But each retreat cost him. The abbot could see it.


And then there was Rasputin. He had gained favor with the Czarina by working with her son. He was a pious man who favored the Jews and he was friends with the Baron. The abbot knew that men like that needed to be removed from power in any way possible. That was the call to arms. That is why he had Chernobog. He would be the arm of the church. He would be the assassin who would rid the country of the traitors.


It took relatively a short time for the Abbot to finalize the acknowledgment that some people would have to die or disappear for the good of all. Chernobog was on board. He was a man who knew to hitch his reigns to a good solid post. He envisioned himself as he future commander of the army and the Abbot was the way to accomplish this.


But first there was a trial period. A first killing so to speak. An enemy of the Abbot Arsoni who had forced him into exile for his anti-Semitic agitation. That liberal Bishop of Yaroslavl, Yakob. Arsoni referred to him as a “dung smelling Jew.” With him eleminated Arsoni could reenter Yaroslavl and take his rightful place as the new bishop. It would also prove at the same time Chernobog’s loyalty.


Of prime importance was to make this incident look like an accident. A tragedy that could be exploited by Arseni to engratiate himself with the powers and assume his former standing.


Boris Chernobog was a man of action but he also was cunning. He sent his spies into Yaroslavl to watch the movements of the Bishop. They reported back to him and a plan was hatched.


It appears that the Bishop had sexual desires that needed to be fulfilled. A meeting was set up in an exclusive place away from the din of work and he disappeared. Rumors abounded to what happened.   And although a great search was done nothing came of it.


I need feedback.  Let me know what you think.  If you need any more of The Jew, let me know and I will send the chapters to you.  This book is about Rasputin, exiling the Jews to the United States from Russia, the tzar, The Russian Revolution, the Jews in the United States, the beginning of the Costra Nostra as it involved the Jews, and much more.  It is a daunting task.  But to do it I need your help.  Feedback is really important to me.  All chapters are at this point free, so let me send them to you.  Remember this is outline and needs work. Sincerely, Barry




I am confused

If you are the captain of your ship why do you keep running it into the dock?


What does the cargo hold? Have you ever been held by a cargo? Are there cars in the cargo?


I am the captain of industry. Unfortunately my industry went south.


Do people who work for Avis, remember the Alamo?


Does IHOP sell kangaroo meat?


Has the White House ever been painted another color?


If you eat crayolas crayons would you poop the rainbow?


Before his planet exploded did Dr. Who have relatives like Dr. Where and Doctor When?


Can a bird fly upside down?


Today’s news: Boy suspended over a purse in school. I heard of magic acts but that is one for the books.


In my town there was a blurb that Mel’s Pants would be open soon. He must be a pervert.


Why are the rich idle? Or are they idolized because of their wealth. Is Billy Idol both idol and idle?


How many of us have dilly dallied or flip flopped?


Does it pay to work when you can get from unemployment, welfare, and food stamps the same amount of money you would get from working? If I could get $200 for not working and the same amount for working, why would I work? Is the incentive in the work itself? Or that I would be just ashamed or stupid? Now refer that to Congress. They get large amounts of money for doing no work and are really on the dole.


Speaking of Congress, they should all be given Indian names. They think they are the Chiefs and nobody works. Who would you give the following Indian Names to? Give me a comment if you would.


Snow: she looks good and then turned to mush.

Crazy Horse: Daffy as a loony bird.

Geronemo: Constantly bailing out of perfectly good plane for no reason, and with no parachute.

Sitting Bull: Lots of nonsense coming out of both ends.

ALESHANEE: Coos : “She plays all the time”
AWANATA: Miwok: ” turtle.”

CHU’MANA: Hopi : “snake maiden.”

HEHEWUTI: Hopi : “warrior mother spirit.”

INOLA: Cherokee: “Black Fox”

LULU: “rabbit”

MELI: Zuni : ” bitter.”

NATA: “speaker”

NUKPANA: Hopi : ” evil.”

OPA: Choctaw: “owl”




In the back of everyone’s mind are secrets which we are afraid to tell,

They are secrets we hid from one another until we either go to heaven or hell.

I cannot reveal those secrets and I will take them to my grave,

Telling them will achieve nothing good and will not gain me any rave.

There deep and hidden like a thorn in my side,

Even my prior family knows how it turns my tide.

Love is short, it is sweat and it can turn on a dime,

It is used so much in poetry yet love does not rhyme.

It is messy and filled with angst and populated with grief,

Sometimes it makes you soar and sometimes you want to grind it with your feet.

Who do we love, and who do we hate,

Who do we long for and who do we anticipate.

Who are our friends and are our enemies really evil,

Why is it hard to discern and why do people play with upheaval?

Drama reveals the worst in people and causes sides to be taken,

Worst of all there is so little truth in the world and most of us are faking.

So I cannot write these secrets down or I will be found out,

I will keep them inside of me and that is my correct route.