The purpose of Education.

Education: Who Gets It?


Everybody should get as much education as possible. That would be a fair statement. Yet many students resist education as a hardship and actually work against it. Why?


Statistics show 15% of students drop out in high school. Even worse in certain areas. Educators have tried to make the classroom more relevant, the curriculum more pleasing, and the courses easier and yet that number stays high. Therefore we need to go back to the basic question. What is necessary for the students to learn to get along in the future world? Alternative material is always an option for students who wish to pursue it. But there are some basic material that must be taught. Survival skills.


That is where I think we have left a gap. Business must be incorporated into the mix to let the educators understand what survival skills are necessary in today’s market place. Then curriculum can be tailored around those skills. I still feel that tracks are a good place to divide the students up into pathways of interest.


I believe everyone should go to college. In my heart I love the concept. But and it is a big but, should everyone go. Should all curriculum be geared for advance education? What is so wrong with hands on skill learning? Many of our students are tactile learners. They feel and touch and that is how they learn.


Are we so snobbish that auto mechanics are relegated to a low status? I know of some who make a pretty good living understanding the mechanics of machinery. Whole industries revolve around cars. The next mechanical genius who redefines the engine and how it can make better use of solar, gas or an alternative fuel source should be cultivated. There is absolutely nothing wrong in getting one’s hands dirty.


Therefore it is necessary to consider one alternative available to education is vocational work. High schools should be given wrecks of cars so that the students can fix them up and learn about them. It will have to be heavily supervised but I feel this area has taken a hit in the last few years. It needs to be regenerated. We will need mechanics in the future for cars, buses, and all sorts of conveyances. I think that the investment would be worthwhile. Meantime the industries that use mechanics can note the progress in the high school system and give a route into the job placement market.


Who would invest into this system? NASCAR, bus companies, dealerships, and taxi fleets to name a few. The coordination would not be that difficult. Would it be nice if a student got up in the morning and looked forward going to school because he or she would be doing something that they love to do.

Just a thought but it needs to be on the table. It used to be there but budget cuts and academia cut it to shreds due to economics and snobbery.

evidence or not?



noun: cotta; plural noun: cottas

  1. a short garment resembling a surplice, worn typically by Catholic priests and servers.

Then cottage should be a short garment of a religious type that is old.

noun: dinger; plural noun: dingers

  1. USinformaldated

a thing outstanding of its kind.

“by God, ain’t that a dinger!”


Then a humdinger should be an outstanding thing that hums.


I was always taught you could figure something out if you could get the meaning of part of it. As you can see that is not true. We tend to jump to conclusions and quiet often we are wrong.


Ferguson is a tragedy which we now can add to the list of tragedies that have be smudged us over the years. Facts or assumed facts have been manipulated and the truth is blurred. But this I know. I person is dead. And that cannot be changed. Lives are ruined and that cannot be changed. Time will not heal this wound. So instead of back and forth how about we move forward. The causes of the situation needs to be examined. And we need communication. People without rage sitting down and talking it out. A council of sane people who have the same goal of making better the situation and not enflaming it.



The World of the fifties and sixties.


Welcome to the world of dilly dally. A pure waste of time of indecision.

This should become the mantra of the last Congress and its puny efforts at accomplishing anything.


Congressman Dilly Dally is from the district of the twilight zone. He was elected by clones to represent the noodle faction. Twist anything around and add cheddar and you have a nutritious dinner.


Nearby is Green Acres where the rational people live. There is a city slicker, one who slicks cities and a dizzy blond, prior to woman’s lib. There are farmers who grow things that they never reap and painters, two, who never finish painting. The smartest character is the pig. There is a Con man who will lie at a moment’s notice on everything.


Down the road is the original location of the Beverly Hillbillies. But they moved away lock, stock and barrels. They now reside as neighbors to Mr. Drisdale and do whimsical things. Elly Mae is with Peta, Grandma cooks coon, Jeb blows instruments and they have an idiot for a grandson, who wrestles Baers.


Finally off the coast is the island of Gilligan where seven founders cannot find their way to shore. There is the Professor, the millionaire and his wife, Gilligan and the Skipper, Marry Anne, who is never been married and The Ginger Cookie who is starting to crumble with age.


Then there is Paladin, who has a gun and will travel. He almost went to visit Ms. Kitty but Matt was too envious of his black outfit. Maverick roams the west playing poker while Steve McQueen takes them dead or alive.


On the flip side and with a lot of hip hop is Peter Gunn who loves his mom, T.H.E. Cat who moves with stealth and two dudes who travel route sixty six.


Sex was there but hidden somewhat. There was Eden and a bellybutton but they kept her in the bottle most of the time. Andy and Aunt Bee spoke wisdom with apple pie, Dick Van Dyke tripped every week over furniture, Morey loved Pickles and Hogan Heroes made light of the German machines.


Batman made use of the bat machines and yet never hit a home run. Rowan and Martin made light of everything, the Smothers Brothers did a lot of asides and parody aplenty.


My favorite was the Avengers where they battled the fruits and nuts of the land with style. And then there was “Danger Will Robertson” where the robot warned of impending disaster from monsters every week.


And as I write this is the music refrain in my head, “Those Were the Days”


The funny thing is the kids of today watch Nick and think these are new shows.

Retro is in and Batman and Robin go up the side of the building with ease.



The plight of human beings.

Life is not like an Aesop fable, or a reality show you watch on cable,

Life is complicated and sometimes has no rhyme or reason, no label.


Life has roads which lead nowhere and paths that end you in the ditch,

You will be called many labels and never really know your true nitch.


You will determine your position like the moon in the sky by who you are,

You will laugh at things that are not funny and smile when someone calls you honey.


Where does life go to and why did it pass so fast, no aspirations will be cast,

We make mistakes and then do them again and again, we are lucky to have a friend.


Enemies abound, they are everywhere you look, and they should be discarded like a bad read book,

And yet we keep the drama and get caught up in the mix, humans are so in a pickle fix.


Today my blog has to be short and simple. My time is cut short for I have to work for the election. I am at a poll and I am doing poll work. This is America in action. This is why we had a revolution and fought so hard. This is our rights in motion. This is the days of decisions and the American way. This is the right that we have fought for in so many wars. This is the blood and sweat and tears of our ancestors all summed up in the enterprise of the VOTE.

Now the rub. We are expecting a low turnout. I know this is an off year and not a presidential race. Local races and a few amendments. Yet only twenty percent will turn out.

So it is off to work I go to greet those twenty percent who will vote for their candidates. Does the system work? I am sixty eight and I still cannot answer that question. But it is our system and I am still proud to be an American.

Should a teacher tell the truth?

Should we tell the truth? I was a school teacher for many a year. I had many a conference with a parent or parents or guardian. Many times I was asked if the child had promise with a subject. How well were they doing?

I never put down a child. It would have been easy to do. Your child is the worse. Or your child shows little promise. Or you should work on teaching your child manners. But that is so negative that the result would be non plus.

So I lied. All children were promising. All possibilities were endless.

And then the children grew. They went to high school. And many went to college. I met many of them later in their lives as they frequented the malls with their children. Many losers became successes and some went on to great careers. Most however grew and did the average job, married the average women or man and had the average house and cars. Yes the worst become modified. There were a few who went by the wayside. Unfortunately a few went to prison. A few went into illegal enterprises and a few passed on.

That is the point of today’s blog. People grow and the past becomes the past. We change. Marriage and kids will do that to people. Jobs and responsibility changes people. Many go to the military and straighten out. Johnny did a wrong thing or talks out in class. But Johnny grew up and became the top salesperson at the car lot. He lives in a big house and has a wife and three kids.

So teachers know there is hope. They will grow. They will make us proud and in many cases go to heights undreamed of.


Going to the amusement park and taking a chance.

How safe are the rides we take for granted? If you really look at even the simplest ride you would grimace. The big ones are the ones that grab our attention. But look at the statistics and you see the kiddie rides cause many injuries. Why because you can never predict what a child will do. A restraint can only work as well as it can but the children can twist and turn and before you know it they are loose. Edges are everywhere and kids get cut. What do you do, close the parks? Is Disney safe? Universal safe? Any ride anytime and anyplace can be a disaster. Have you ever seen the crowds in a thunder and lightning storm? They walk in the open and cannot believe that lightning can hit them. We believe it can never happen and yet once in a while in the papers people get hurt, and everyone shakes their heads and cannot understand it.


Roller Coaster Incident

We take for granted that the things we are doing supposedly for pleasure have no consequences. But if you take any machinery and abuse it that machinery can bite you in the rear end.

I was working for Cypress Gardens Amusement Park and had learned to operate their roller coaster called The Triple. It was named for three hurricanes that hit Winter Haven during

The Scenic Railway at Luna Park, Melbourne, is the world’s oldest continually-operating rollercoaster, built in 1912. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One summer. On this particular roller coaster and probably others the controls only work when the coaster is in the area where riders get on and off. Once the coaster leaves this area there are no controls but gravity and the use of common sense that riders will not do something stupid.

I had a supper break and was just coming back. I had ascended to the platform when I saw that the coaster was coming around the last turn. This coaster is an old one and wooden. It gets up to thirty miles per hour but it seems more when rounding a curve.

Just before the last curve a young kid stood up. Now the bars that we put down have wiggle room and if you are skinny and flexible you can slip free. But that was compounded because he stood up. As the roller coaster cars made the turn he tumbled out. He fell twenty feet to the concrete below. He lay there and was not moving. I thought he was dead.

The coaster came into the station. As it did the girl who was operating the machinery pushed the stop button. This automatically brakes the cars and freezes the bars holding the people into position. Therefore half of the cars were stuck outside the station and half were at the platform. One young man somehow wiggled out and jumped to the platform. He said something to the effect that the boy laying on the ground was his brother and that he had stupidly dared him to stand up. He was horribly distraught and ran out to be with his brother.

I unlocked the other passengers and got everyone off the cars. The girl operator called the tragedy into dispatch. A crowd was gathering around the body of the boy. We closed up the roller coaster and roped it off. Security guards ushered the people away from where the boy lay. Our medical personnel was already on scene.

It turned out that the boy was extremely lucky. On the way down he clipped one side of the ride and then another. This slowed his momentum. He still suffered quite a few broken bones, cuts and abrasions but he was alive. A helicopter landed in the park and took him to a hospital.

Those who were running that ride, including myself, were allowed to go home early as it was an emotion experience that drained us. I do not know how people who work ambulances and emergency wards do it. I was exhausted from the strain of the incident.

The police interviewed everyone the next day. Florida authorities inspected the roller coaster and the grounds and did their report. There was no question the young boy was at fault but legal cases have contributing factors interwoven into determinations and there was going to be a legal suit. To my knowledge it never came to trial. I assume it was settled out of court. I was glad because I really did not want to relive the experience testifying.